www.wheelomania.com  is India’s Leading Automotive News provider and Research firm which provides latest auto industry news, information on automotive industry, policy changes,  market  research on specific manufacturers, statistics, products,  emerging technologies, hybrid cars makers, F1 news, car and bike reviews, latest launches and much more.

It acts as a platform where you can find the latest happening in the automotive sector. It acts as an internet news delivery platform for auto enthusiasts, journalists, companies and around the world who can benefit  through the timely dissemination of information and research.

This is perhaps the only website which captures all the relevant factors which directly/indirectly affect the automotive sector like Inflation, Manufacturing Growth, Interest Rates, Policy monitor which could thus help industry specialists in guiding them for taking/delaying their investment plans.

The author holds an Honors degree in Automobile engineering and has relevant industry experience. The author conducts timely research on Automotive sector, new products/markets entry, new businesses to enter into, OEM’s -  their future strategies for different markets, Key Policies which affect the overall sector. Such could be provided /customized on request.

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