Friday, 1 November 2013

Tata Motors to launch CNG variant of Magic Iris

Tata Motors unveiled Magic Iris during 2010 Auto Expo. The answer to three wheelers, which Tata Motors does not manufactures is CNG variant of Magic Iris which the Indian company is scheduled to launch soon. The official Tata Motors website claims that the vehicle (in BS4 spec) would launch soon in 3+Driver or 4+Driver seating options

The Magic Iris would have a 53 Liter CNG tank which will be placed under the passenger seat whereas the space behind the passenger seat could be used for keeping small bags.

The vehicle uses the same 611cc single cylinder engine that develops 13.2 bhp @ 3,000 rpm and 39 Nm @ 1600-1800 rpm (2.2 bhp and 8 Nm higher than the normal version). The transmission is a four-speed manual unit. According to the company, the vehicle can travel 53 km/kg, giving the Magic Iris a range of 220 km.

The prices of the CNG variant have not been announced but expect the same to be priced at around INR 2.40 Lakh. Stay tuned for more details. 


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