Wednesday, 9 October 2013

Salman Khan shows anger on twitter after his Range Rover SUV broke down

Salman Khan was unhappy and tweeted about the shoddy service by Land Rover India. The actor has vented out his anger over twitter after his Range Rover broke down on road while he was way back home. With over 5 million followers on Twitter and almost 10 million followers on Facebook, this news is a PR nightmare for Jaguar Land Rover India.

Salman Khan's first tweet on Twitter reads, “Meri bichari Range Rover ke hal kharab hai in last 1&1/2 yrs 9times brakepads hv failed 1bari pura suspension gaya or kal gadi he baith gayi.” He meant, my Range Rover's brake pads have been changed 9 times in last 1 and half years, entire suspension changed once and finally the car broke down yesterday.

The second tweet reads, "The company guys say its a heavy car so the break pads vil wear off hehehe toh bus truck aur train n planes ka rose badalte hongay kya.” He meant, The company officials and customer service tells him that as the Range Rover is a heavy car, this things keep happening.” To which he tweets, “If that’s the case, bus, truck, trains and planes change brakepads everyday?”

The third tweet by Salman says, "“so kinda pissed with the attitude of the people at Range Rover they hv no concept of customer service.”

Considering this to be one of the worst incidents that could have happened to Range Rover in India, we do not know what would be the next step from the UK based company.

Finally, Salman signs off with, “Kal raat ko jab gadi bandh padi had to take a rick home, really enjoyed the rickshaw ride : )”, meaning, “after the car broke down last night, I took a rickshaw back home.” 


how can u expect a quality service from them...after all its headed by tatas

Tata services are one of the good names so far my experience is concern. If what happen is transperently told then yes this is a concern. But so far my experience is concern i have good service experience for my manza and vista. even roadside assistence is awsome. They are quick.

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