Thursday, 26 September 2013

Self drive a Mahindra e2O just for Rs 100 per hour via CarzOnRent

Mahindra e2O and CarzOnRent have come up with a unique partnership program - basically to promote the newly launched electric car in India. Now, you can self drive a Mahindra e2O by taking it on rent via CarzOnRent through its three dealerships - Mumbai, Delhi and Bangalore.

The India based car maker has as of now deployed 15 cars, 5 in each city which will be given on rent. Subsequently, the number of cars will be increased and more cities to be added in the concept. This is a wonderful concept for a cleaner and a greener drive.

The self drive facility could be taken by any one via 01st October 2013. The login could be done via CarzOnRent website. Below are more details on what and how will it be charged for a drive -

- Log on to the website and select the date and time of your preference.
- Enter your credit card details - A refundable security of Rs 5,000 is blocked.
- Minimum time of picking up a Mahindra e2O is 2 hours - Rs 225.
- Price charged for 2 hours - Rs 200
- Price charged for 4 hours - Rs 300
- Price charged for 6 hours - Rs 400
- Price charged for 12 hours - Rs 500
- Price charged for 24 hours - Rs 800

Mahindra Reva and CarzonRent claim that over 100 recharge points are being set up around the three cities – Mumbai, Delhi and Bangalore. With the Mahindra e20’s incredibly low running costs, this works out to one of the cheapest modes of transport. A full charge will cost you about Rs. 50 depending on your electricity unit rate. It takes about 8 units of electricity for a full charge, which can be achieved in about 5 hours on a fully depleted battery or about 3 hours when you have 30% charge remaining. It can also recharge up to 80% capacity in 1 hour.


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