Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Quadricycles norms defined for India - To hit the roads in October

A draft notification has been issued by the government classifying quadricycles as commercial vehicle under CMVR (Central Motor Vehicle Rules), taking the stance that the new segment of vehicle would be bigger than an auto rickshaw and smaller than the passenger vehicle. Various points describing the classification of the class of vehicle is as follows -

  • Allows to carry passengers and even goods but only on non-highways.
  • Must have a fully enclosed body with a steering wheel.
  • Should not weigh more than 450 Kgs for transporting passengers
  • Should not weigh more than 550 Kgs for transporting goods.
  • Maximum seating capacity of 3+1 for transporting passengers.
  • Maximum seating capacity of 1+1 for transporting goods.
  • Rexin, cloth or plastic cannot be used to cover the top / side of vehicle like 3W's.
  • Maximum length fixed to 3 metres for transporting passengers- less than Tata Nano's 3.2m
  • Maximum length fixed to 3.7 metres for transporting goods. 
  • Overall width not to exceed 1.5 metres
  • No active or passive safety features defined.
  • To Comply with similar emission norms as 3W's- less stringent compared to cars & trucks.
Government is current taking proposals from various people opposing or favouring the class of vehicle in India. A 30 days open period is already in process for discussion and making a final decision on the same. 

At present only Bajaj Auto displayed / manufactured a quadricycle - RE60 during the 2012 Auto Expo and plans to launch it by the end of this fiscal year. Officials in the transport ministry say the government policy on quadricycles will provide a natural upgrade to the dated three-wheeler auto rickshaws and will serve as an evolved form of transport with improved stability and modern features needed for intracity transport

Other auto makers like Piaggio and similar currently develop Quadricycles in Europe and says need some time to manufacture same in India. 

"There has to a level-playing field to facilitate potential manufacturers to develop and offer products for the local market. We will wait and watch for any decision on quadricycles for the future," said Ravi Chopra, chairman at Piaggio India.


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