Monday, 30 September 2013

Honda CBR 250R Police edition unveiled

Honda Motorcycle and Scooters India (HMSI) recently unveiled its CBR 250R Police variant at 16th International Security Expo 2013.

The Delhi Police model of CBR has been designed with the help of Grand US Electronics. As per them, the vehicle has been designed in helping the officers in their duties in patrolling and responding to incidents in a more efficient manner.

The features that assist them are LED lights which consume less battery, red blue police beacon lights, collapsible pole light used at rear. The bike comes equipped with torch light which helps them to read and write even during night.

It also comes equipped with a police siren with P.A. system, which has a push-to-talk button to switch to the microphone when required, and a utility box that allows the officer to carry important documents while patrolling.

Specially designed helmets are also provided which is equipped with inbuilt microphones and allow the officers to communicate and address the public while on drive. 


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