Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Nissan Terrano to be unveiled on 20th August 2013

Nissan Motors India, a couple of months ago confirmed the launch of Duster based SUV for Indian market and the launch was expected during festive season - October 2013. The launch info. still remains the same however there are some more information that we could get about the new Compact SUV from the Japanese carmaker. The Compact SUV from Nissan Motors will be unveiled fully on 20th August 2013.

As already told, there would be couple of sheet metal changes in new Nissan's SUV - below is the official sketch released by the Japanese carmaker which makes its front look much more aggressive than the currently sold Renault's Duster.

The new Compact SUV could be called as "Terrano". The name comes from a mid size SUV from Nissan launched in 1993 and discontinued in 2006. It is also called as Mistral in some countries. As we also know, the Nissan-Renault collaboration for sharing platforms could come to an end, Nissan "Terrano" could be the last shared badge product between the two collaborators. The "Terrano" is currently codenamed NH79 and is under process of development at NMI's Chennai factory.

As also told earlier Nissan's Terrano would be priced apprx. INR 50-75K higher than Renault's Duster. As per the sources, the agreement between Nissan and Renault states, in case the platform is shared by Renault from Nissan, the products will be priced apprx. Rs 50K-70K higher and vice versa. Since Sunny and Micra were Nissan originated products and were badge engineered by Renault, their vehicles - Scala and Pulse were priced higher.

Now, with Nissan badge engineering the original Renault (Dacia's) product - Duster, Nissan's Terrano will be priced couple of thousands higher. However, Nissan's top management has to say, for the higher prices, the new product is not just badge engineered. It has lot of new changes including the entire sheet metal parts on front and even the new badge, front grill, headlamps whicg gives you different and better feel than Renault's Duster. However, interiors will only be mildly tweaked to keep the costs under control.

Kenichiro Yomura, President and CEO of Nissan Motor India Pvt. Ltd, said - "Terrano will play a key role in increasing sales within the Indian market. I am delighted to reveal both the name and the very first image of what will be a very important model for Nissan. You can see from the sketch that Terrano has a bold and distinctive design that I am confident will appeal to our growing customer base in India, as will its driving performance and range of other features that will be revealed at a later date."

More details could be read here. 


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