Friday, 2 August 2013

Fake Ferrari car racket caught by Spanish police

Spanish police revealed a couple of days ago about a group of fraudsters who were selling fake Ferarri's and Aston Martin's online. The business of fake business is now new as there are couple of people who get fooled off by getting these super luxurious cars at a lip smacking price tag.

A group of 8 persons in Valencia were caught modifying the exteriors of the ordinary cars making it a replica of Ferrari's and Aston Martin's and selling the same at one-fifth of the original sticker price. To the surprise it was so meticulously done that the exterior, interior and even the engine details of the cars were matching. However, the starting price of Euro 40,000 for super cars made them suspicious.

Further, the garage in which modification process was carried over and 17 fake Ferrari's and 2 Aston Martin were seized. 


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