Saturday, 31 August 2013

Kawasaki to launch ZX10R and ZX14R in India on 4th September 2013

Kawasaki is bringing ZX10R and ZX14R superbikes to India. Its official now that the bikes would be launching on 4th Sep 2014. Brought to India via the CBU route, the bikes will be sold and serviced via the Probiking network, which also caters to the KTM range of machines.

If the sources are to be believed the ZX10R should be launched around price of INR 17-18Lakh and ZX14R more than 20 Lakh INR. At this price there would be few buyers that would be available in India.

The Kawasaki Ninja ZX-10R is powered by a 998cc, in-line four engine which belts out an impressive 194 BHP of power and 112 N of torque. 0-100 km/hr takes a mere 2.8 seconds while top speed is limited to 300 km/hr.

The showroom space would be shared with KTM RC8 which is currently only for the display and not for sale. This might also open up the space for launch of other similar superbikes like RC8 and more.

Thursday, 29 August 2013

Toyota Camry Hybrid launched in India at Rs 29.75 Lakh

We told you last on 12th June that Toyota could launch the Camry Hybrid in India (Refer source here), the Japanese car maker has launched the car in India at Rs 29.75 Lakh. Don't just get carried away by the pricing, just take a deep dive into the car - how it operates and how is it different from our regular cars, and we are sure you would cry like a small child to own one !

To start with some facts, India is the 9th base of Toyota for manufacturing Hybrid cars in the world and Camry Hybrid is and will remain the first production Hybrid car for Indian market. The differences between Hybrid and regular vehicle are as follows -
  • Hybrid vehicles are propelled by two or more power sources where the power can be generated and output used for driving the car. 
  • In case of Camry Hybrid, it uses a 2.5L VVT-i Petrol engine along with an Electric Motor. The regular Camry uses a 2.5L "Dual" VVT-i Petrol engine, however in case of Hybrid it uses VVT-i only for intake valves. 
  • The Camry Hybrid runs on Atkinson cycle than the regular Otto cycle. Atkinson cycle delivers more fuel efficiency, ARAI certified 19.16 Kmpl for Camry Hybrid though compromising the power and torque figures. 
  • Torque is down to 213 N-m from regular 233 N-m and power figures are down to 158 bhp than regular 179 bhp. However, the fall in power is compensated by the electric motor that produces 141 bhp at 270 N-m of torque. However, to limit your excitation levels, let us clarify the total maximum torque is not the sum of two rather upto the max. upper limits of 202 N-m. 
  • The extra power isn't felt - thanks to the 150 Kg of batteries placed on the rear (boot) of the car. The battery is an Ni-MH unit with a capacity of 6.5 Ah comprising 34 modules and 206 cells. 

The list of features on Camry Hybrid is endless and is brimmed to an extent that we would not mind calling it - "Mini Lexus" for India. The features includes -
  • Driver + Passenger + 2 side airbags
  • ABS + EBD
  • Traction control
  • Electronic stability control
  • Fog lights
  • Hill hold
  • Engine Immobilizer
  • Rear defogger
  • Front projector LED headlamps, even parking lamp is LED
  • 3 zone climate control AC
  • All audio controls operated from rear bench
  • Front passenger seat headrest down option from rear bench
  • Front passenger seat adjustment from rear bench
  • Powered rear blind
  • Manual blinds for side windows
  • power tilt / telescopic steering adjustment
  • 2 memory presets for the driver's seat
  • ventilation for front seating
  • vehicle stability control
  • and the list goes on.........
Camry Hybrid Energy Monitor showing Petrol engine powering the Electric engine.

CamryHybrid showing the fully run Electric engine.
On the front and the rear, you get Toyota badge with blue tint at the back denoting the Hybrid system. Even the dials get the blue colored tint, once you enter the car you can also see the Power switch (to get your car into life) with blue backlit lights. You press the button and you don't get even a noise of the whistle, it's completely electric and No noise ! All you need to do after that is slot the gear lever into D and you're all set. However, it you press the accelerator hard, you call the petrol engine which will come rushing to your car and get you zoom across. Also if you are on highways, once you set behind speed of 60 Kmph, the Petrol engine comes to life. Else the Petrol engine comes to life in case they are out of charge. 

The Rear bench vents - used to pass air conditioned air to the boot of the car which hoses the Ni-MH battery.

The Electric car comes with 3 different modes - ECO, EV and ECO OFF. The Eco mode is for normal driving within the city. In ECO mode, the Hybrid system tries to minimize the use of the petrol engine, ofcourse you have to be patient and gentle to your accelerator pedal.  The fuel-efficiency in ECO Mode will be highly optimised. The Camry Hybrid's ARAI rating of 19.16 kpl is higher than small hatchbacks like the WagonR (18.9 kpl) and the Swift (18.6 kpl).

The EV mode tries to use Electric batteries as much as possible. As soon as you drive above 40 Kmph, it turns back to ECO mode. For EV mode, the fuel consumption is effectively zero as it is using Electric mode for most of the time. 

The ECO Off mode works like a sports mode. As soon as you turn off the Eco mode, the accelerator gets light and asks you for more ! This is a good mode to be in when you are in a hurry, or on single-lane highways which require you to overtake from the other side. You can literally reach triple digits of speed in no time. The Eco off mode will give you the lowest fuel efficiency as you are engaging petrol engine along with the electric motor. 

The Braking unit in Camry Hybrid is the most complex one and uses the regular 17" wheels equipped with disc brakes along with regenerative braking. In regular cars, the heat energy generated by friction caused due to an effort of stopping the car is literally wasted. In this, a regenerative braking is used wherein it stores the heat energy and uses it for charging your electric motor. So, regenerative braking comes into effect whenever you press the brake pedal lightly, as soon as you press it hard, the regular disc brakes come into life. 

The Camry Hybrid displays how much energy has been generated using Regenerative braking.

Other points to be considered for Camry Hybrid are as follows -
  • Low CO2 emissions of 122.8 gm/km is comparable to 1.2L petrol hatchbacks!
  • 3 year / 100,000 kms standard warranty. No extended option.
  • No localization content as of now - all imported
  • A new Metallic Grey paint shade has been introduced. This is unique to the Hybrid.
  • When you engage reverse gear, the rear sun-blind rolls down automatically. The ORVMs tilt down as well.
  • The wooden inserts on the dash are dark brown on the Hybrid vs the reddish wood of the regular Camry. 
  • Available in 4 colours: Metallic grey, white pearl, silver and black
  • The Japanese carmaker plans to launch Etios hybrid as well in India
We have a lot of say about Camry Hybrid, and the space is less. In case you have any queries, just shoot across !

Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Dacia Duster facelift leaked ahead of its official display at FrankFurt Motor Show 2013

The Dacia Duster facelift which is the presented at the upcoming FrankFurt motor show starting 10th Sep 2013, is already leaked on the web. Here are the first shots of the car - the front and the rear images.

The external upgrades in terms of revised front grill - of which the cues are taken from the Land Rover design. The front also gets two chrome-plated bars, a new air intake and new double-optic headlamps featuring daytime running lights.

Duster logos are spotted on the roof bars, while the car stands on 16-inch “Dark Metal” alloy wheels that are shod with “Mud and Snow” tires. The images of the interiors are yet not revealed however as per sources, an inclusion of Cruise control is on the run along with other changes in interiors and features.

David Durand, Head of Styling for the Entry range at Dacia -

We built on the appeal of the original model and its proportions. Identity components such as the grille have been modernized. We have also strengthened the 4×4 cues of the vehicle, while keeping all its useful features. New Duster gets an even stronger character while retaining its initial DNA.

More Images on the facelift version are here !

Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Tata Xenon Tuff Truck concept unveiled

Tata Xenon truck concept called "Tuff" is unveiled here for Australia. It is a concept level car following the success of pixel and megapixel. Nevertheless, we aren’t so fortunate either. The Xenon Tuff Truck is a Concept, and hence it won’t enter production. It was showcased at the National 4X4 and Outdoors Show and Fishing and Boating Expo in Melbourne in Australia.

The beefy look with wider off-road tyre enhance the look. This concept is equipped with intake snorkal on hood and on roof it has Narva LED xenon off-road lights. The stingrey colour adds its apeal and Tata has named it ' Arden'.

The design job was carried out right under the nose of Julian Quincey, chief designer of Walkinshaw Automotive. He felt that the concept was a good choice for undergoing production. However, he also added that the decision will depend upon the market demand.

Tata Motors, the company which has been suffering in this market should reply to the question - "Why don't bring this concept to Life when existing cars are not selling" 

Exclusive - New Ford Fiesta facelift unveiled - Launch could happen Early 2014

Ford India, with the new management on board, their new Indian MD - Mr. Joginder Singh and a new global launch - "EcoSport" has boosted their confidence levels to all time high. In case you delve closely into the strategies of the auto makers in India, they have tried to make use of one popular car to sell others too. Take Renault, for example - by their strong proposition - Duster, they launched Scala and have been selling it to the descent levels. Similar is the case for Fluence and other auto makers too. And it has even worked well for them.

Ford India too tries to repeat the history. With the success of EcoSport in India, the car maker plans to re-launch their Fiesta brand in India. As per the images shared by our avid reader Vignesh, the new car looks more bold and wears the front fascia inspired from EcoSport. The new car will be coming with 1.5L DV5 Diesel engine with power out put of 92 PS and 204 N-m of torque. The Gasoline engine would be a 1.5L engine producing 110PS and 140 N-m of torque.

There is yet another speculation, similar to what Ford did for EcoSport - launching it at a lower base price, Ford could launch the Fiesta too with the base variant as low as Rs 6.99 Lac. Expect the same to be launched in India early 2014. Stay tuned !

Nissan India reveals White colored Terrano for the first time - Variant wise details leaked

Nissan Motors India, unveiled their next product for India - Terrano on 20th August 2013 (Watch out the Live preview here again) . Today, Nissan India has unveiled the White colored Terrano - which is one of the six colors in which the Compact SUV will be available in the market.

The front fascia resembles the other Nissan SUV's like Pathfinder and X-Trail whereas there are significant changes on the body like sheet metal changes, headlamps, tail lamps etc. Duster’s U-Shaped crease line has given way for an almost straight crease extending through the lower half of the car and then you would immediately notice the nice sporty alloy wheels.

On the inside, you would see many changes when compared to Duster. An all new steering wheel, rectangular aircon vents with chrome surrounds, a new music system and different looking wood inserts have been placed in the door trims and center console. Colored roof rails, silver-finished skid plates and a chrome embellished band at the rear set the Terrano completely apart from the Duster.

The Nissan Terrano will be available in both Petrol and Diesel variants similar to current Renault Duster variants. However, as per the sources, the Petrol trim will be available only in XL variant however the Diesel 85 PS engine will be available in XE, XL-D and XL-D+ variants. The Diesel 110PS engine will be available in XL-D, XV-D and XV-D Premium variants.

Nissan has kept a media drive event for Terrano next month post which the launch would happen. Stay tuned at Wheel-O-Mania for more details.

Sunday, 25 August 2013

Tesla Model S receives the Best Safety Rating any car ever tested

Independent testing by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) has awarded the Tesla Model S a 5-star safety rating, not just overall, but in every subcategory without exception. Approximately one percent of all cars tested by the federal government achieve 5 stars across the board. NHTSA does not publish a star rating above 5, however safety levels better than 5 stars are captured in the overall Vehicle Safety Score (VSS) provided to manufacturers, where the Model S achieved a new combined record of 5.4 stars. Of all vehicles tested, including every major make and model approved for sale in the United States, the Model S set a new record for the lowest likelihood of injury to occupants. While the Model S is a sedan, it also exceeded the safety score of all SUVs and minivans. This score takes into account the probability of injury from front, side, rear and rollover accidents.

The Model S has the advantage in the front of not having a large gasoline engine block, thus creating a much longer crumple zone to absorb a high speed impact. This is fundamentally a force over distance problem – the longer the crumple zone, the more time there is to slow down occupants at g loads that do not cause injuries. Just like jumping into a pool of water from a tall height, it is better to have the pool be deep and not contain rocks. The Model S motor is only about a foot in diameter and is mounted close to the rear axle, and the front section that would normally contain a gasoline engine is used for a second trunk.

For the side pole intrusion test, considered one of the most difficult to pass, the Model S was the only car in the "good" category among the other top one percent of vehicles tested. Compared to the Volvo S60, which is also 5-star rated in all categories, the Model S preserved 63.5 percent of driver residual space vs. 7.8 percent for the Volvo. Tesla achieved this outcome by nesting multiple deep aluminum extrusions in the side rail of the car that absorb the impact energy (a similar approach was used by the Apollo Lunar Lander) and transfer load to the rest of the vehicle. This causes the pole to be either sheared off or to stop the car before the pole hits an occupant.

The rear crash testing was particularly important, given the optional third row children's seat. For this, Tesla factory installs a double bumper if the third row seat is ordered. This was needed in order to protect against a highway speed impact in the rear with no permanently disabling injury to the third row occupants. The third row is already the safest location in the car for frontal or side injuries.

The Model S was also substantially better in rollover risk, with the other top vehicles being approximately 50 percent worse. During testing at an independent facility, the Model S refused to turn over via the normal methods and special means were needed to induce the car to roll. The reason for such a good outcome is that the battery pack is mounted below the floor pan, providing a very low center of gravity, which simultaneously ensures exceptional handling and safety.

Of note, during validation of Model S roof crush protection at an independent commercial facility, the testing machine failed at just above 4 g's. While the exact number is uncertain due to Model S breaking the testing machine, what this means is that at least four additional fully loaded Model S vehicles could be placed on top of an owner's car without the roof caving in. This is achieved primarily through a center (B) pillar reinforcement attached via aerospace grade bolts.
The above results do not tell the full story. It is possible to game the regulatory testing score to some degree by strengthening a car at the exact locations used by the regulatory testing machines. After verifying through internal testing that the Model S would achieve a NHTSA 5-star rating, Tesla then analyzed the Model S to determine the weakest points in the car and retested at those locations until the car achieved 5 stars no matter how the test equipment was configured.

The Model S lithium-ion battery did not catch fire at any time before, during or after the NHTSA testing. It is worth mentioning that no production Tesla lithium-ion battery has ever caught fire in the Model S or Roadster, despite several high speed impacts. While this is statistically unlikely to remain the case long term, Tesla is unaware of any Model S or Roadster occupant fatalities in any car ever.
The graphic below shows the statistical Relative Risk Score (RRS) of Model S compared with all other vehicles tested against the exceptionally difficult NHTSA 2011 standards. In 2011, the standards were revised upward to make it more difficult to achieve a high safety rating.

Saturday, 24 August 2013

Maruti-Suzuki to bolsters its presence in the SUV market by launching new 3 SUVs.

Of late Maruti-Suzuki has been facing a lot of heat from compact SUV makers like Mahindra & Mahindra, Ford and Renault with their Quanto, Ecosport and Duster SUV's respectively.

Quanto offered the Indian customers a compact SUV based on the Xylo MPV by literally cutting  the third row of seats to qualify for the sub-4 metre regulation to qualify for tax exemption. Due to poor driving dynamics and handling Quanto did not make much noise in the market.

Renault's Duster was the first successful  SUV to make Indians go mad with the concept of compact SUV an area not explored much in India. Duster tasted success because it was bigger than your hatchback, more efficient than a regular sedan but it was the design that made it more beautiful than regular SUV's.

Here comes the game changer from Ford, its all new  Ecosport received over 30,000 bookings in just a span of 17 days from its launch despite the automotive slowdown. This indicates that a good product will perform really well despite of challenging times. Ecosport was so lethal that it ate up into all segments of the industry let it be hatchback, sedan or MPVs.

Because of the Duster and Ecosport effect Maruti has been losing a lot of market share from these beasts.Therefore Maruti-Suzuki is toiling day and night to regain their glory and market share by launching compact SUVs and crossovers.

Maruti will launch the successful SX4 crossover in the country to fend off the likes off Duster and Ecosport. It will be powered by the same  1.3 liter fiat diesel engine and  1.6 liter turbo petrol engine. The new car is currently under development under Maruti Suzuki Manesar plant in support with Suzuki Japan and is code named as YAD. Expect the same to launch around festive season in 2014.

Following SX4 crossover will be Maruti XA-Alpha the sub-4 meter compact SUV which was showcased at the Indian Auto Expo 2012. The production version will be released soon. The product will be available to the market in 2015. The XA-Alpha was unveiled at 2012 Auto Expo - Check out the Live unveiling of XA-Alpha here.

The next SUV will be the diesel version of the Grand Vitara. The global version does offer a diesel
engine hopefully Maruti launches it soon to consolidate its position in the competitive SUV segment.
Considering the time taken for the above SUVs to be launched one can expect it to make it to the
market somewhere in 2016.

If Maruti does not act swiftly it might lose its share of pie in the growing SUV market which might do more harm than expected. For more details log on to

Mercedes Benz rolls out India made GL Class - price cut by Rs 5 Lakh

The Stuttgart based Automobile maker, Mercedes Benz introduced the GL Class in May this year though as a CBU product. With high commitment of the Indian SUV market, the car maker has now started the local production of GL Class in India and will produce them at their Chakan plant in Pune.

Mercedes as a brand has expanded in India with news that from third position among luxury car makers in India, they have attained first position in July 2013, however Mr. Michael Perschke from Audi, still claims that Audi is the leader in Indian market and has achieved highest sales among all three during Jan-July 2013 period. Further in coming months, this will be an important development to watch out for.

The car maker has just rolled out and the price of the locally manufactured car is reduced by massive Rs 5 Lakh than the imported completely built units (CBU), at Rs. 72.58 lakh.

Friday, 23 August 2013

Video - Nissan Patrol gets into Guinness Book of World records for towing aircraft weighing 170.9 tonnes

Nissan Patrol has set another record, got another accolade for the wonder that it did. The car just towed an aircraft weighing 170.9 tonnes over a distance of 50 meters. Guinness have conferred the title of the “Heaviest Object Pulled By Any Production Vehicle” to the Patrol for pulling the Ilyushin Il-76 cargo plane and the event took place at the Sharjah International Airport. The plane which weighed 170.9 tons, was filled with fuel and cargo!

Nissan specifies that the vehicle used was an unmodified one and is similar to the regular vehicle sold in the market. The 5.6-liter V8 petrol engine which features all wheel drive as standard across all Patrol vehicles. The aircraft was towed at Sharjah International Airport.

Mr. Samir Cherfan, Managing Director, Nissan Middle-East said -

Today Nissan celebrates another landmark day in the Middle East with its second Guinness World Record in eight months. When we began this project we encouraged the people of the Middle East to dream up the next and ultimate challenge for the Hero of All Terrain, Nissan Patrol.

Tata Safari Storme explorer edition launched at Rs 10.86 Lakh

Tata Motors has announced Explorer edition of Safari Storme in India with a host of new features included in the new car over the current one.

The new features includes -

  • Front nudge guard 
  • Decals 
  • Chrome garnish for the projector headlamps and tail-lamps
  • ‘Explorer Edition’ door visors
  • 2-DIN touchscreen infotainment system
  • Reverse parking assist
  • Faux leather seat cover
  • Navigation device
  • Optional extras include a cycle carrier, cargo basket and a roof-mounted canopy.

The engine remains the same 2.2-litre Varicor turbocharged engine that puts out 138bhp and 32.6kgm of torque. The car is priced at Rs 10.86 Lakh ex-showroom, New Delhi.

Ferrari previews the Frankfurt bound 458 Speciale in a Video

The Ferrari 458 Speciale will be first unveiled at the upcoming Frankfurt Motor show beginning next month. This is not just a makeover of a 458 Italia, this has in fact broken many records and will be the most aerodynamic car in the automobile history.

At the heart of this car lies, a 4.5L V8 engine producing 597 horsepower as compared to earlier 562 bhp. The car will not take just 3.0 seconds to reach 0-100 Kmph mark. The Italian carmaker also claims that the car will take just 9.1 seconds to breach 0-200 Kmph mark. Now that's an outstanding figure !

The supercar will be delivering 133 bhp / liter which is the highest by far for any of the naturally aspirated engine. The Ferrari 458 Speciale’s response time (0.060 s) and lateral acceleration (1.33 g) are the highest ever achieved by a Prancing Horse. That of course is not counting Fernando Alonso’s Ferrari.

Watch out the Video here. 

Hyundai Verna to get minor updates this festival season in India

Hyundai Motors, after the launch of their completely new car - Grand i10, scheduled on 03rd September are planning to make minor changes in their existing well selling sedan - Verna in India. Below are the features included / excluded when compared to the existing model -

  • Back-lit power window switches
  • Back-lit steering mounted audio controls on higher variants
  • Re-styled alloy wheels
  • Spare wheel to be of steel rim instead of currently alloy.
  • Two head rests on rear seat when compared to three in existing car
  • An addition of LED lights as a strip inside the headlamp unlike a strip placed at fog lamp groove in i20

Expect the car to hit the showrooms near you soon.

Thursday, 22 August 2013

VW Cross Polo launched in India at Rs 7.75 Lakh

The german carmaker, Volkswagen has launched their Cross Polo at Rs 7.75 Lakh, ex-showroom price, New Delhi. The car will be available with 1.2L TDI engine and a 5 speed manual transmission.  The car features the following -

  • Available only in single variant - Diesel Highline. 
  • Cost Rs 65,000 more than regular TDI Highline.
  • New "Cross" front and rear bumpers with chrome accents
  • New "Cross" grille with chrome accents
  • Silver roof rails.
  • New "Cross" decals on rear doors
  • New 15" alloy wheels - similar to ones on Jetta
  • Silver painted wing mirrors
  • Superior "Livon" Black upholstery

Apart from the new features added to the car, which have been listed above there are some changes in the dimensions of the car as well, which mainly come from the black cladding, roof rails and bumper changes. Below are the new dimensions of the car with the older ones listed in brackets, for comparison.
  • Length -  3,987 mm (3,970 mm)
  • Width - 1,698 mm (1,682 mm)
  • Height - 1,474 mm (1,453 mm) - Thanks to addition of roof rails.
  • Ground Clearance - 168 mm (168 mm) - No change
  • Color Options - Available only in three color options - Red, Silver and Black.

Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Ford India stops bookings of some of EcoSport variants due to heavy demand

Ford India is reportedly have said to stop taking the bookings of some of the EcoSport variants due to the heavy demand.

"We are witnessing an extended waiting period on certain variants and have temporarily stopped taking bookings on a few variants," a Ford India spokesperson said without specifying details.

Though the company did not share the current backlog, but as per the figures from SIAM, the carmaker had sold 8,717 units until July 2013 and has stopped for some of the variants. The variants differ from dealership to dealership as some of them have stopped taking bookings of entry level while other have stopped for middle and higher variants.

The 1.5 litre petrol variant is available between Rs 5.59 lakh and Rs 8.44 lakh (ex-showroom Delhi). The 1.5 litre diesel option in priced from Rs 6.69 lakh to Rs 8.99 lakh (ex-showroom Delhi). The EcoSport with 1 litre petrol with Ecoboost technology ranges from at Rs 7.89 lakh to Rs 8.28 lakh (ex-showroom Delhi)

In July Ford India had announced recall of 972 units of the diesel variants of the EcoSport to rectify a part in the engine starting system.

Audi A8 revealed completely in a Video

Audi, the German Luxury carmaker after revealing various spy images, has now completely revealed the new car via a Video giving complete information about the added features.

There are not much changes to talk about while side view is concerned, just a new set of alloy wheels and that's it. As far as rear is concerned, an addition of chrome strip around boot lid is there along with changes in tail lights.

On the front, a welcome addition of LED Matrix headlights is there.The new technology automatically dims while there is a close coming traffic from the opposite side to avoid any disturbance to the person / vehicle coming.

The A8 in this video happens to be the long wheelbase version with the W12 engine. Whether the Matrix technology is offered as standard or as an optional extra is something we’ll know once the official announcement has been made.

Watch out the entire Video now and view the additional featured the German car maker has to offer on this one.

Volkswagen India teases a new car on Facebook - to launch Cross Polo soon

Volkswagen India has teased its new upcoming Cross Polo on Facebook. We have earlier spotted the car testing in India and many spy shots thereby coupled with sources close to VW that the car would be launching soon in India.

The new car as you could see in the image is covered with red cloth however it you monitor closely you could see the car has roof rails which is not available in current gen VW Polo. There are also news about VW launching Polo CNG and Polo GDI variants but we doubt this is the case as of now. The above mentioned variants of Polo could also be launched but at a later stage.

However, we need to wait and watch out for the official confirmation from the German carmaker about the launch date and what it has to posses to compete with currently prevelant Ford EcoSport and Renault Duster. Stay tuned for more !

New Maruti Suzuki Stingray launched in India at Rs 4.09 Lakh

If you are a regular reader at Wheel-O-Mania, you would be knowing that Maruti Suzuki is slated to unveil the WagonR Stingray for India today. We had already showed you the interiors and exteriors images of the new car and a short preview Video of the car. The car has just got unveiled and here are facts, details, technical specs of the car -

The first thing to notice here is it is called "StingRay" - No More WagonR attached as a prefix to it. The new car features the following -
  • 1.0L K10B Motor - 68 Bhp and 90 Nm torque.
  • Available in three trim levels - LXi, VXi, VXi(O)
  • First in class projector headlamps
  • Driver side airbag + ABS
  • Driver information display
  • Black premium finish upholstery
  • All power windows with front auto up and down functions. 
  • Steering mounted audio controls
  • Chrome around the tail lamps.
  • Tilt adjustable steering
  • ARAI certified FE of 20.5 Kmpl
  • Five exterior color options – Midnight Blue, Passion Red, Glistening Grey, Superior White, Silky Silver.
  • Electrically adjustable wing mirrors
  • Rear seats split in ratio of 60:40

Prices of the car is as follows -
  • Maruti StingRay LXi - Rs 4.09 Lakh
  • Maruti StingRay VXi - Rs 4.38 Lakh
  • Maruti StingRay VXi (O) - Rs 4.67 Lakh
Mr. Kenichi Ayunkwa, Managing Director & CEO, Maruti Suzuki India Limited said, “With Stingray, we carry forward our focus to make out best sellers even more attractive. The aggressively designed Stingray reinforces the fact that compact cars that are high on utility and reliability can also be premium and stylish. For the younger customers who aspire for a bold and aggressively styled car, the Stingray will be a delightful choice.”

Maruti Suzuki to replace SX4 with YL1 Concept Spy Images inside - Launch in February 2013

Maruti Suzuki's C segment sedan has been a flop for quite some time now. The car maker has been working on the replacement since long time now and the car is in final stages of testing now. Sources close, have revealed that the car could launch during February 2013, near to Auto Expo 2014.

YL1 is the codename globally for the new Suzuki Authentic S concept. The new car clearly takes care of the shortcomings of the current gen SX4 which its competitors have. The new car looks much bigger and better and should also take care of the rear space leg room, which is scanty in SX4.

The style looks typically from Suzuki but the projector headlamps and appealing alloy wheels gives it a modern and premium feel. The car is expected to retain the 1.3L SDE Fiat Multijet engine producing 90PS along with a 1.6L Petrol engine which is currently doing duty in SX4.

Here are some more Images of the interiors of the new SX4. The car no doubt looks even better as far as interiors are concerned when compared to new exterior image. The car hosts new beige + black interiors with premium finish, gloss black paint on gear knob and around the touch screen music system. A high gloss black finish line is also available across the dashboard similar to what we see in Dzire - though in faux wood finish. The V shape dashboard falling design is new and resembles a little bit to Hyundai Verna.

The car also features Auto Climate control Ac and power charging slot. A rectangular chrome finish around the gearbox looks premium and an addition of storage space in front of gear stick is a welcome addition. The three spoke steering wheel with audio controls on it looks descent and is a mandatory feature considering equipment level of its competitors.

Overall the car looks good enough and has the features enough to compete with its current competitors. We will have to wait n watch for more details and pricing that Maruti Suzuki places with the new car. Stay tuned at Wheel-O-Mania for more details.
Image source - Teambhp

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