Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Mahle to build engines in UK

Mahle, a global auto component supplier known for manufacturing Powertrain parts including Pistons, camshafts, cylinder and valvetrain components has recently acquired a 51% share in Thermal management company Behr and is gaining share in North American market.

The auto component supplier has recently got a contract from one of the automaker to supply fully assembled engines. The supplier got into joint venture with Bosch for Turbochargers in 2008 and will use this JV for enhancing market share in UK. As per the contract from one of the automaker, the auto component supplier needs to redesign an existing engine and install turbocharger in it and finally assemble engine into the vehicle again, Mahle chairman Prof. Junker says.

“It will be the engine for a specific model of one of our customers,” Junker says, adding that the work will be done at a Mahle plant in the U.K.

Assembling high-volume engines requires significant investment in equipment and automation. But Junker says Mahle needs fewer machines because it can build up to 15,000 engines annually mostly by hand.

Mahle already makes about 15,000 previous-generation Volkswagen 2.0L TSI gasoline direct-injection engines used in certain SEAT and Skoda models, Junker says.


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