Thursday, 11 July 2013

June 2013 Indian market Car wise / model wise Sales figures

India - one of the most promising Automobile country, came into limelight during the downturn when almost every major part of the world - Europe, N. America, S. America, Japan and other were under the slowdown and were taking their own sweet time to come out of the recessionary time. India, was one country which continued to show positive growth, although lower than regular and reeled out of the downturn pretty fast. This made the country into limelight and many decided to make the low cost country as their global production hub and started heavily banking upon the country's growth which led to display of an overall rosy figures to their headquarters else where in the world !

The Year 2012, started showing some signs of the downturn and growth slowed down to single digit figures with Heavy duty market even lower figures. At the end, the Industry barely registered 1-2% growth. There were high hopes for year 2013 - expected to be started with high selling models like Ford EcoSport, Honda Amaze, Nano Diesel and others. However, the year, till now turned out to be another disaster in terms of nobody expected a negative growth this year. Even, we predicted a mild 3.7% growth in year 2013.  We will in any case have to revisit our figures and the same would be done soon. If the first half of year is looked upon, we are apprx. 9% down as compared to already low last year. God save us during the next half year, else the market would be into a difficult situation.

Coming back to June 2013 figures, the market continued negative trend with just Hyundai and Ford managing to achieve positive growth than last year. Maruti, the largest carmaker registered 8% de-growth in domestic sales when compared to same period last year.

General Motors is going through a really tough time. The sudden audit by Automobile Research Association of India (ARAI) led to fact that Tavera still uses BS-III engines and newly launched Sail had ignition problems in their 1.3L Smartech engines sourced through Fiat. Only, Enjoy could garnish 2,500 units other wise the carmaker would have been in serious trouble. B/w, 2,500 units of Enjoy too are not pretty impressive. Ertiga, easily clocks apprx. 5,000+ units despite being priced higher than Enjoy.

Ford India dispatched 4,002 units to its dealers across the country. Its bread and butter model, Figo managed to register just 2,500+ units, lowest figures for last 3 years. We personally think, Ford should now discontinue production of DV4 - 1.4L Diesel engine which currently powers Figo and should manuafcture just DV5 - 1.5L Diesel engine which currently works in EcoSport and Fiesta. This would bring economies of scale to the carmaker and could also lead to higher sales of Figo. Remember, Nissan uses same 1.5L K9K engine across all its cars in India.

Mitsubishi recently stopped manufacturing Cedia, Lancer EVOX and Outlander. NO sales of Ambassador reported either. The news of launching new Ambassador still remains a history. Honda, the only company which is registering three fold increase in sales, all thanks to engineers who took some serious points while designing Amaze and developed this wonderfully developed product. The car managed to sell 4,965 units in June after apprx. 6,300+ in May 2013. City and Brio seems to have suffered and sales plummeted to together 4,000+ units once managed alone by City sedan. City Diesel, launch expected in January 2014, should lead to Honda being highest growth clocker for the year.

Hyundai managed to sell in positive when compared to June 2012, however we could see low sales of i20 and Verna, could be termed as EcoSport but we would like to wait for next few months to comment anything of very dynamic Indian market.

Mahindra, is the company which is highly affected this year. After registering almost 35% growth last year, the year started on a bad note for the company when Finance minister imposed additional duty on SUV's and classified Duster - their biggest competitor as "Non-SUV". Infact - Bolero, XUV 5OO, Xylo and Quanto have registered lowest ever sales. Scorpio's sales too are seen to be dwindling. With launch of XUV 5OO with low ground clearance would save it some 35,000 INR apprx. - could this make it sell again, we will have to wait n watch. 

Maruti too followed the low sales trend, with already a week of shutdown and another 4 days of No production days, the carmaker sold apprx. 8% less vehicles in the country as compared to last year, same period. Dzire and WagonR , two of top selling models registered low sales, apprx. 25% less each. They managed to sell 12,500+ and 9,000+ units of each respectively during June 2013.

The month have again been not good for Nissan, Skoda and VW. They mamaged to sell lower than expected sales. All three have some good vehicles in their garage, but due to one or other major reason, the vehicles are not pushing out of the showrooms. Nothing to talk about Fiat too.

Tata and Toyota continue to be low - reasons pretty clear for Tata Motors with none of their vehicle in entire portfolio performing. All thanks to Taxiwalas in India, that apprx. 5,000 units of Vista's and Indica's are moving out of the showrooms. The two "T's" continue to be low. Toyota on other hand, is seeing unexpected low sales of Innova for last 3 months now. Liva and Etios continue to sell lower than expected.

Renault, at the end have one shining star in their portfolio and no need to mention its name even - "Duster" has managed to float them across and continues to sell apprx. 4,000+ units, however within next few months, we will come to know the already ongoing fight between EcoSport and Duster.


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