Monday, 29 July 2013

ISRO and Tata Motors develop India's first fuel cell bus

Tata Motors and ISRO (Indian Space Research organization) in their first ever success have developed a completely environment friendly bus which will run on Hydrogen as a fuel. It's a CNG-type bus. Hydrogen in bottles at high pressure is stored at the top of the bus and there would be zero pollution.

ISRO has a very rich technology in producing, storing and handling gaseous and liquid hydrogen in the last three decades. Its expertise is also in safety. An ISRO team had generated technical specifications for all the elements and general specifications for the bus.

Gandhi, a Padmashree awardee and retired scientist from ISRO, and Dr M Raja, DGM of TML made the announcement the two organisations have developed fuel cell bus for the first time in India, which will run on Hydrogen.

"This is a leap for automobile industry for future transportation. In this vehicle there will be zero pollution since the product of cold combustion is water. This is a result of great team work of Tata Motors and ISRO specialists with contributions from DSIR ( Department of Scientific and Industrial Research) and PESO ( Petroleum and Explosive Safety Organisation)," Gandhi told PTI here.


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