Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Tata Nano emax - CNG announced. Promises cost of just Rs 1.11 per Kilometer

Tata Motors has also announced 2013 Nano emax - which is a CNG powered variant of popular small car - Nano. The new products are part of MY 2013 plan as per which around 500 Tata Motors employees met dealers and customers. After having a detailed feedback, the products have been improved. In general, Tata say that the overall reliability and performance of the cars have been improved.

Mr. Karl Sylm told that several new products have been planned until 2020. He also mentioned a new car being rolled out from Sanand plant which as per our sources is a 1.2L petrol engine turbocharged and 1.0 L diesel engine. He also mentions 150 new dealerships to be opened by end of the year.

Apart from Nano, Tata Motors has also launched Indigo eCS and Indica in CNG variants. The changes in Nano emax includes a "emax" logo at the rear while on inside, there is switch for CNG which could be set ON or OFF as per the requirement. Rest all features and looks remains the same.

The Nano EMAX has a 32-liter CNG tank. It promises a fuel efficiency of 36km/kg and a combined range of 400km. Tata claims a very low CO2 emission of only 75g per km, making the Nano EMAX possibly India’s greenest non-electric car. This could work out at Rs 1.11 per liter as running cost of the car keeping in mind the current level of CNG prices in New Delhi.


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