Tuesday, 18 June 2013

India could become SUV hub for the world, Alan Mulally, CEO, Ford Motor

Alan Mulally, the man who turned around the ailing Ford Motor Company was here in Chennai to met several media persons and inform the official shipping of EcoSport to various dealers across the country.

Mr. Mulally, President and CEO of the Ford Motor Co. sees India as becoming the Compact SUV hub for the world. he also mentions that the current economic slowdown has not changed any plans of the American company to invest more in India and Asia Pacific.

He strongly mentions, India has been a great market and will be the same. As per him, India is a lead edge indicator to what people want across the globe. Who would have taught that small SUV segment would be the fastest growing segment in the world ? He mentions, it was India wherein the demand started and has now spread across the globe.

Ford has plans to manufacture EcoSport in five countries with production already running in China and Brazil and India being the third country. The carmaker will also produce EcoSport in Thailand and Russia too.


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