Monday, 3 June 2013

Honda comes at No. 4 after beating Tata Motors and Toyota Kirloskar

A lot is happening in the Indian Automobile sector these days. Maruti Suzuki, Hyundai and Mahindra are stable at ranks 1,2 and 3 respectively, however there is a struggle to be at number 4 by four automakers. Honda, Tata Motors, Toyota and GM are the prospective candidates to be at number four.

While there was a time, Tata was comfortably at number 3 has now slipped on to number 5 this month beaten up by Honda Cars India. Last month, Toyota was at number four beating Tata Motors but the homegrown carmaker managed to get numbers and be at number five.

Honda with their latest launch, Amaze, is managing to sell almost 200 units a day, has beaten up both and is at number four position now. However, the production capacity remains a constraint and the position could further slip to number 5 in next two-three months.

"We are on a strong comeback in the market," says Jnaneswar Sen, Senior VP (sales & marketing) at Honda Cars India. "Our strong numbers in May are not a one-month fluke, and we are confident that these volumes are maintainable and can be grown further as we get more capacity and products." Honda plans to drive in the new-generation Jazz hatcback, a new City sedan and an all-new seven-seater multi-purpose vehicle next year.


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