Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Have you seen the 2014 Skoda Superb TVC Video ?

The 2014 Skoda Superb is already out in Europe but we still need some time to see the same on the Indian roads. Infact, we will see Skoda's Octavia before we see 2014 Superb on Indian roads.

As per the new TVC from Skoda, the Czech carmaker focuses on the amount of time that you spend in your car and hence advises you to be opt for a comfortable car. The amount of time spent in car by an average person is equal to the amount of time taken to travel from earth to moon and back to earth.

More interesting stats are being shared by Skoda. As per the carmaker, you spend apprx. 22 days  waiting for your loved ones and 23 days washing your car. Also, you spend about 6 months of your lifetime at the traffic signals and therefore, in totality three years of your lifetime in your car, so better buy a comfortable car, says Skoda.

Watch out the Official Video here.


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