Wednesday, 12 June 2013

DC Designs modifies Nissan Sunny - converts it into executive lounge !

DC Designs does not needs an introduction when it comes to customizing the interiors or modification of the cars. On the previous occasions, we have seen DC converting various SUV's including Duster,  Aria, XUV 5OO, HM Ambassador and even MPV - Winger into the executive lounges from inside.

However, this is the question that we have been asking lot of times, why not Nissan Sunny - since this is the most spacious sedan in terms of interior room and finally the query has been addressed by DC. The true  potential of Nissan's Sunny has been recognized and the interiors have been redesigned to completely take it to the next level.

On the exteriors, there are not much changes, it has been kept as simple as possible. The only changes include - Scala Alloy wheels on Sunny and a DC logo on the front grill replacing the Nissan's Logo. The handles have been give body colored - white in this case. This gives us a feeling that lowest variant of Sunny, "XE" has been converted by DC into the uber cool interiors - makes sense. Not much images from rear view of Sunny and provided and hence we assume only these are changes in exteriors. However, a slightly modified rear bumper with plastic cladding along with reflectors on the bottom could have given them a look - class above and would have also removed bulging / hanging look of rear bumper.

Coming on the interiors, there is a whole lot of change that you will see here. The red tone interiors, with leather seats and fauxe wood on door trims and dashboard gives it a sporty look.  The rear seats are replaced by two six-way adjustable captain seats and a tiltable giant LCD screen sits on the driver’s seatback. A foldable tray table and entertainment controls grouped on the center partition are seen in these images. The door trims are given treatment of faux wood, chrome and artificial leather. Not to forget, the front co-driver seat and the seat behind co-driver could be combined to make a bed.

All the Images could be seen here.


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