Monday, 17 June 2013

After Flying car now Flying Bike close to reality !

After Terrafugia is close to developing a Flying car, scientists have now said that they have developed a Flying bike which is 95 Kgs and would be remote controlled and operated with batteries, however the drawback is that the bike can only fly for just 5 minutes.

Carrying a dummy rider, the electric prototype successfully took off, flew around and landed inside an exhibition hall in Prague in the Czech Republic.

The bike is run by 6 batteries - two battery run propellers in front, two on rear and one on each side of the bike. However, the machine is not quite ready to hit the road. The batteries only allow for a few minutes of flight before needing to be re-charged.  The bike needs to be recharged after every 2 hours, can carry luggage upto 25.4 Kg of luggage and can reach flying speed of 32 Kmph.

"Because the capacity of batteries doubles about every 10 years, we can expect that in the future the capacity would be enough for the bike to used for sports, tourism or similar things," said the technical director of Duratec Bicycles, Milan Duchek.

To create the bike, Duratec worked together with two other Czech firms, Technodat and Evektor.


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