Friday, 3 May 2013

Will Chevrolet's Enjoy MPV undercut Maruti Suzuki's Ertiga in terms of pricing ?

Chevrolet's new MPV Enjoy is just a couple of days away from hitting the Indian market. Looking at the dynamic Indian market, the fate of Chevrolet's MPV could not be decided before we actually judge the response of difficult to understand Indian masses.

On one hand, we witnessed a huge success of Maruti's odd looking - Ertiga and on the other side, we have also looked at Nissan's van type Evalia which has even refused to pick up in the Indian market. On one hand, Ertiga is selling a decent and consistent numbers of 5,000+ units every month. And on the other, Nissan's Evalia would take almost an year to achieve mark of 5,000+ units in a year, albeit.

Looking at the varied trends, do you think is it a car, as a first preference which defines the success of a car or a manufacturer's name as a first and later the car which defines the success. Or is it just a price tag in the Indian market which receives the first impression among masses in the Indian market ? What's your take on this !

The GM's MPV - Enjoy will be launched in India on 9th May and is expected to compete with Maruti's Ertiga as a major rival. Ertiga is priced at Rs 5.96 Lac for the base level Petrol variant and Rs 8.69 Lac for the top end Diesel variant. The market leader, every time is looked upon whenever a competitor expects to place its vehicle against the market leader. Therefore, in this case, GM will have to look upon the pricing of Ertiga as a benchmark to position its product in the market. Looking at this in which bracket do you think should GM place its Enjoy - Any guesses for the price range !

We will get back to you on 9th May on the day of launch. In the meantime, view all details and official images of Enjoy here.


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