Friday, 24 May 2013

Renault and Nissan may not share models in India - Nissan's Duster still there ?

Renault Nissan India Pvt. Ltd. the joint subsidiary of the French and the Japanese carmaker may not work together in India going forward, as per the statement of Kenichero Yomura, president of Nissan’s India operations.

Yomura San said it was necessary to work together so as to achieve greater volumes and hence be cost competitiveness in a market like India. That's the sole reason why the company is heavily exporting the current models from India. However, the current status if reviewed is that the cross badged models like Sunny/Scala and Micra/Pulse have not generated huge volumes as expected.

Infact, as per the actual sales figures, Nissan's Micra have dropped down to 500+ units a month similar to the range of Pulse hatchback and even Sunny dropped below 1,000 numbers last month which makes it again hover around the range of Scala sales.

Yomura San declined to comment on the Nissan's Duster based Compact SUV. The Compact SUV is one of the most important models from carmaker's, country's and people's point of view. At a time when Nissan's Duster based SUV could generate huge volumes and could support the carmaker and the slowing country's sales, the people are also waiting for more similar models.

However as per the sources it is being said that the Nissan's Duster based Compact SUV will be the last shared product between the two manufacturers.

“India is a very competitive market and we came in late,” Yomura said. “In order to be cost competitive we needed to be a big volume player from the beginning. We shared products with Renault and both companies sell products in domestic and export (market). By doing that we achieved big volumes in three years. But we will not see the cross-badged models. It was only for the beginning not anymore”, said Yomura.

In another statement, Yomura San confirmed four new model launches for Indian market without divulging any further details. For the complete list, click here. 


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