Saturday, 4 May 2013

Mercedes Benz Strategy to be numero uno in Indian Luxury car market

Mercedes Benz sold 7,000+ units in Indian Luxury car market in year 2012. However, in the first three months of year 2013, the German car maker has sold 2,009 units which means the carmaker will sell close to 8,500 units in full year 2013. The number still seems to be less than Audi. Therefore, the three pointed star has come out with a strategy to deal with the Indian luxury car maker and plans to be number one soon.

The Stuttgart based luxury carmaker, Mercedes-Benz has five new models in stock to launch in India within a year. This would be one aggressive step that Audi had been doing past one year and Mercedes too now plans to join the league.  The five new models by Mercedes Benz includes -

  • A Class Luxury hatchback
  • GL Class
  • Diesel powered B Class
  • GLA Crossover
  • CLA sedan
The 4-door coupe, CLA will be positioned below the C-Class and Mercedes will launch the GLA crossover to take on the X1 and Q3 with aggressive pricing. The upcoming A class luxury hatchback also could be big hit if priced well and could take overall Mercedes Benz numbers to a decent levels. Best of luck to the three pointed star for the success.


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