Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Ford EcoSport bookings open in June - launches first of its kind Emergency Assist system

As we already briefed you, Ford India is conducting Media drive at Goa for the yet to be launched EcoSport in India. The technical specifications of different engines along with the ARAI certified fuel efficiency is also out now. In case you missed those, it could be viewed again here.

The car maker has confirmed that the long wait is finally over and the bookings shall be open from June 2013 onwards. Thereafter followed by a formal launch across India.

What was also revealed by Ford India yesterday at Goa was introduction of "Emergency Assist system" in EcoSport for India. The feature would be the first of its kind to be introduced in India and will work in conjunction with SYNC system.

Introduction about SYNC - SYNC as you would already know is name given to mobile support system and the name patented by Ford. As pe this feature, it would enable the car to automatically switch on and off the bluetooth of your car whenever you enter or exit of the car. Once the bluetooth is on, you can make and receive calls handsfree and even the Ford's SYNC system can read out the messages and call records, contacts for you.

Introduction about Emergency Assist - Whenever in case of an accident when airbags deploy or in case of fuel cut off, SYNC will directly send message to emergency operators and they will then assist you. Once the signal goes to Emergency assist system, it allows 10 seconds for the driver to respond - to either initiate the call going to emergency operator or deny it. In case, there is no action taken by the driver in those 10 seconds, the signals automatically reach the Emergency system operators and from then they take on to their course of actions.

Even in case there is an incoming / ongoing call and the accident occurs, SYNC will give importance to Emergency assist system and this system will take over the current call. Also, in case the driver is not at all able to communicate, the SYNC will give tex message to operators via GPS and will support them during further course of action. Other features include ABS, Hill Launch assist etc.

However, as we briefed you the 4 models to be launched for Ford and features that each model would possess, as per that only Titanium and Titanium Optional will have Airbags and SYNC system thereby, we can be sure that Ford's Emergency Assist system will only be available on top 2 variants - Titanium and Titanium Optional.  The system would not be available on Ambiente and Trend variants. View detailed feature wise list on various models here. 


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