Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Air India pilot locked outside cockpit as door gets jammed

The Air India flight from Delhi-Bangalore had to make an unusual landing at Bhopal due to emergency seen in cockpit. The pilot after coming back from washroom, found the door of cockpit locked and was unable to enter. Inspite of all efforts from Pilot outside and the co-pilot inside along with the trainee pilot, the door got jammed and did not opened.

The airlines seeked permission from Bhopal airport and landed safely at 5.55 pm. A ground team of maintenance engineers rectified the problem and the flight left Bhopal on its onward journey to Bangalore, reaching there at 10:30 pm. "All precautions and procedures regarding safety were observed during the entire process. The incident posed no danger to the aircraft passengers and the crew," an Air India spokesperson said.


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