Monday, 8 April 2013

Top 20 Car Models sold in India in March 2013

Here are we yet again with the Top 20 car models sold in India in the month of March 2013. Though the month of March which has always been the highest ever month in terms of sales is there  i.e. March 2013 was able to hit the highest sales for the last 12 months but still fell short of apprx. 38,000 cars compared to March 2012. Does that means, are we on a slowdown !

The top 4 models space is yet again strongly dominated by Maruti's models which even make apprx. 81% of Maruti Suzuki's portfolio with swift and Dzire both reaching almost 20K units. The other strong numbers seen this month are Innova - 8,422 , Duster - 6,313 Ertiga 6,200 and Etios - 4,742.

i20 Sales were down to 6,988 and XUV 5OO is no where even seen in the list of top 20 vehicles. Figo is down to less than 4,500 numbers, seems like Ford now desperately needs the EcoSport. Now, we leave on to you to analyze the Top 20 List, but here we ask you the question - in the month of April 2013, do you think Honda's Amaze will make to list of Top 20 ? It should not be difficult to answer !


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