Friday, 12 April 2013

Registrations open for Mahindra Adventure's Off road training school at just Rs 6,000

Registrations are now open for Mahindra's Adventure school - which would train you with Offroading techniques. The course is offered for different levels. Mahindra's have got a basic ‘Getting Dirty’ course for the absolute newbies and the intermediate ‘Trail Survivor’ course for the guys who wish to hone their skills.

Mahindra has especially prepared a 28 acre facility at Igatpuri, Maharastra and their 4WD Thar's are ready to road along with you and get dirty along with you. The registrations are now open at its website for Rs. 6,000 for the Basic "Getting Dirty" course which would be for half a day and would let you know the Basics of 4wd theory which includes types of 4wd systems, vehicles and safety, basic introduction to off-roading techniques & equipment, driving sessions level 1 course, Q&A sessions with the experts.

The "Trail survivor" course would be a full day course and would cost Rs 15,000. This would include Getting Dirty Course + Advanced 4WD theory, introduction to recovery techniques, off-road safety, equipment usage, driving sessions level 2 course, Q&A sessions with the experts.


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