Friday, 12 April 2013

Lucky Indian kids drive a Ferrari F430 - Video

Imagine some one driving a Ferrari F430 is his early years, probably some 8-10 years of age. How Lucky these Kids would be ! Yes, the story is from India, probably Kerala. We are not sure who the kids are to whom the Ferrari belongs to but for sure, we would say, these are the luckiest kids ever and ofcourse an example of worst supervision wherein parents allow such a young kid to let drive a Ferrari F430 whose feet could barely reach the accelerator pedals. What's even more surprising - the passenger seat also has a kid of the same age ! And to add to the surprise the parents record the whole event !

The kid smoothly drives in a Ferrari without even a hint of surprise or fear on his face, looks like he has driven it couple of times before too. While lot of his friends are waiting on bicycle for him to finish his lap, he calmly drives in a Ferrari F430.

By know you would be too eager to hold your horses to view the video, and there is no point for us to write beyond this. Go, experience the Video yourself and let us know what do you think about this !


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