Monday, 15 April 2013

Honda to soon come up with small 1-1.2 Liter i-DTEC Diesel engine

Honda seems to have finally pulled up their socks. There was a time when Honda was a carmaker, believed to be adamant in its pricing and was believed to be a premium carmaker with their cars as City, Accord and CR-V. But with time being passed by, in 2011, Honda launched their small hatchback - Brio which is when they started garnering volumes in India. And now with launch of Diesel engine, they have surely learnt to live in the Indian way.

Honda recently launched 1.5L i-DTEC Diesel engine with introduction of sub-City sedan, Amaze in India. The carmaker seems to have striked well with tunes of Indian hearts and the Amaze so far has received pretty good response in India. Now, with this segment being tapped well enough, Honda aims at other major steps - which includes -

  • Introduce Brio based MPV - to take on Maruti Suzuki's Ertiga
  • Introduce Jazz based Compact SUV to take on Renault's Duster, Ford's EcoSport etc.
  • Introduction of smaller diesel engine with capacity of 1-1.2L which would power smaller hatchbacks Brio and entry level hatchbacks which carmaker plans to introduce in India.
We have got an official word from Honda's Asia Pacific R&D’s chief engineer, Mr. Atsushi Arisaka, who says "We are looking at developing a smaller diesel engine. We are looking at a diesel engine with engine capacity between 1-1.2 litre. Once developed, it can be used on small cars"

Honda has already announced to increase its current capacity from 100,000 vehicles to 240,000 vehicles in India and plans to take on vehicle sales to 200,000 units by 2016.


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