Monday, 15 April 2013

Greaves Cotton launches mini tractor priced upto Rs 2.4 Lac

Greaves Cotton today marked foray into tractor market in India by launching a mini-tractor, "Greaves Ustad" priced in range of Rs 2-2.4Lac. Greaves Ustad is present in the 11-12 HP range of entry level tractors and caters to a land holding size of 3-5 acres.

"Our foray into the tractor segment completes the wide range of existing farm offerings. Greaves Ustad is a smart mini- tractor option available in the entry level 11 HP range," Greaves Cotton Farm Equipment Business CEO CM Ashok Muni said in a statement.

The mini tractor will have a low diesel consumption of 1 litre/hr, the company claimed, adding it will have multiple applications such as haulage, cultivator, seed drill, pesticide.

Source - Economictimes


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