Tuesday, 9 April 2013

External Airbag technology, "EnVeloP" launched by Volvo

A couple of months ago, we told you about Volvo working on Pedestrian External airbag for its V40 car (View full description via here). Now, we are back again with information on Volvo is working on external airbag technology called - EnVeloP, External vehicle protection system, which would actually wrap whole car body into an external airbag. 

It would not be taken as a surprise, as this technology was expected from none other than the swedish carmaker, Volvo, known for making the world's most safest cars. 

The external airbag works in a similar fashion as the regular airbags and also the same type of material is used to make these airbags.  The external airbag is stored in a small container on the roof and blows out with vacuum whenever it senses possibility of car collision with another car or maybe some other roadside lying objects. Taking some notches higher, the new airbag also inflates when there lays a possibility of vehicle to get in contact with surface of water, must say a frugal innovation for the mankind’s safety in automotive arena.

It could be viewed as within a fraction of a second, the whole car would get wrapped into an airbag and thus saving the whole car. EnVeloP system is currently in the pipeline of testing department and will soon be featured on models as soon as it will complete all the necessary tests. 

Earlier, V40 was the first model to receive its pedestrian airbag and now the Swedish automaker has left it on us to ponder as to which vehicle would be the first one to receive the latest EnVeloP system.


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