Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Renault Duster 4WD option spotted testing in India

There have been numerous discussions on Renault's Duster 4WD variant for the Indian market. Due to the price difference, it was a controversial topic always whether Duster 4WD would ever be launched in India ?

Amidst all the controversies, a Black colored 4WD Duster has been spotted zooming across the roads in Kerala, yes, this is the only suspicious moment when we deeply analyze the Duster 4WD. Though, the Renault's manufacturing plant is located in Chennai and thereby the test mule should carry a "TN" number plate for the test mule. 

Now this is still not clear that the vehicle is a test mule or an aftermarket sticker placed on Renault current Duster. The sticker, however is exactly the same which Renault and Dacia use worldwide for its SUV's. The top of the variant Duster would be placed a Lac over the current price which means ~ INR 14.5 Lac for the top end diesel variant, does not makes sense. 

The Duster's 4WD version sold in the UK comes with what Renault terms as an 'intelligent 3-mode all-wheel drive system'. The three mode 4WD was developed using Nissan's technology, and the different driving modes can be chosen via a rotary switch on the dashboard. Interestingly, boot space on the 4WD version is reduced to 408 L (compared to 475 L on the 4x2 version).

Though a query has been placed at Renault India's counter and a reply is expected soon. However, at this moment, we could only speculate and discuss more on possibilities of Renault's launching 4WD Duster in India and await the response from Renault India. Till then, stay tuned.

Source - teambhp


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