Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Mitsubishi G4 Concept unveiled in Bangkok

Mitsubishi has unveiled the G4 concept at 34th Bangkok International Motor Show, it presents a mixture of weight savings and aerodynamic styling, which the company plans to roll out globally when the concept enters production.

There aren't a lot of details about what’s going on under the bonnet, but Mitsubishi says that the Concept G4 uses a lightweight engine and a continuously variable transmission with sub-gear train. There isn't much on performance either, though the company does describe its handling as “reassuring.”

Mitsubishi says that inspiration for the grille, the headlamps, and the taillamps comes from diamonds, which actually is somewhat identifiable in this photo—well, that’s true for the grille and headlights, at least; we’ll have to wait until we see the concept’s rear end to make a final judgement on the taillights. The G4 features a short nose, and a character line that kicks up to the rear, with what appears to be a healthy serving of the requisite LEDs hiding behind the headlamp lens.

More Images could be viewed here.


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