Thursday, 16 May 2013

Mahindra Verito Compact hatchback to be called "VIBE" - Launch on 5 June 2013

Mahindra Verito hatchback has now been clearly spied, in fact this is the first ever clearest images of Verito Compact Hatchback. As we already briefed our readers, that the Compact Verito will be on June 5, 2013

As per the sources, it has also been revealed that the new car would be called "Vibe" - however it seems to be unclear as of now, it at all Mahindra's plans to call it "Vibe", then how about Mahindra's unique naming of its vehicles, wherein all its vehicles ends with "O" - Scorpio, Quanto, Verito, Maxximo, E2O etc. ! The secret yet remains unclear, and the mystery needs to be solved. As of now, we could only guess it as "Verito Vibe" however you will have to keep you horses wait for some time till we get some more details on this one.

Looking at the pricing of the Verito sedan, the Verito hatchback is expected to be launched at extremely competitive pricing levels and will compete with all currently prevalant hatchbacks in the market. The engine would be carried over from the Verito sedan and will thus be powered by 1.5L K9K Diesel motor.

If viewed from the front and the sides, the body has been kept unchanged to keep the development costs low whereas the major changes could be seen in the C-pillar as the lighting now come on the C-pillars in sync with the roof line. Seems like the new boot will have subsidized effect from the pricing angle but will also have sufficient amount of boot space, as could be seen from outside. The exact dimensions still not revealed by the carmaker.

Stay tuned for more information directly from Mahindra's stable when it launches on 5 June 2013. 


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