Friday, 1 March 2013

Here's your chance to win a Ford EcoSport !

Here is your chance to win a Ford EcoSport. Ford India has come up with a unique campaign which could make you win a brand new Compact SUV, we also say a similar kind of competition on Ford's Figo and at the end a winner was declared.

All you need to do is register yourself to Ford's "EcoSport Urban Discoveries" campaign wherein you need to register yourself and follow the below mentioned steps.

  • Sign up for the contest here.
  • Mention a cool place in your city by posting about it on EcoSport discoveries website.
  • Market this campaign onto your various social accounts - Facebook, Twitter etc.
  • Make your friends like your post.
  • If your "coolest place in city" gets popular enough to be taken to next level, Ford India will inform you.
  • Ford India will then send you and chance to take your two friends along to that place in an EcoSport. You will also be accompanied by a Video Crew and your video will be showcased on National Geographic Channel. 
  • Ask your friends and other people to vote for the TV campaign
  • The one with maximum votes will then win the campaign and will win an EcoSport.
Also check out a brief Video below


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