Wednesday, 6 March 2013

February 2013 Indian market Car wise / model wise Sales

The Indian Automobile market is going through one of the worst times. Ever since, the world was trying to recover through the 2008 crisis, with India relatively less hit than other countries, every one had hopes from India and China.

Indian market though assumed to be highly volatile has been going through a rough patch now and the year ahead seems to be flat unless there comes out to be a ray of hope, with support from government for which there is no visibility as of now. The governmental sops were expected for the Indian Auto Industry this year as this could have maintained the confidence of FII's and world into the Indian Auto sector however, the Budget 2013 further made things tough with excise duty on SUV's increased from 27% to 30%

The results could now be easily visible in the image attached. The Total Indian passenger market witnessed apprx. 7% drop when compared to Last month and apprx. 17% drop when compared to same month last year ie. Feb 2012.

You could also see that except Renault and HM-Mitsubishi no other automaker registered higher sales in Feb 2013 compared to Feb 2012. The reasons are self explanatory for Renault with Duster being most sold and HM-Mitsubishi particularly due to higher intake by Indian government of Ambassador. For HM, similar trend is expected in March 2013 too.

All other auto makers witnessed a huge drop in the market. Thereby leading all the major players to launch Limited edition variants or doll out huge discounts in order to make vehicles move out of their showrooms.

Few of trends that could be witnessed here are - For First time in Indian Automobile history, sales of Toyota Kirloskar Motors in India were higher than that of Tata Motors. Mahindra's have just crossed Tata Motors a couple of months before and achieved ranking of 3 and pushed Tata's to 4. Before Tata's could come out of shock and work towards no.3, Toyota made an attempt and are at no.4 now leaving Tata's at no.5.  We will have to watch out this trend to analyse what's gonna be next change in market and how Tata's react to it.

Meanwhile, Tata Motors has already reduced prices of Indica and Indigo by apprx Rs 50,000 and it has also come to news that Tata Motors have reduced production of Nano to just 20% of that budgeted. We will provide you with official story as soon as we get official confirmation from Tata Motors.

Do have a look at the figures and do let us know in case you spot any noticable trend witnessed.


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