Thursday, 7 March 2013

Are you afraid of Winter Driving? Watch out Subaru's Winter challenge!

Car enthusiasts like driving all the time, all the seasons! But when it comes to driving in winters, it could be a challenge for some of our wheel-o-maniacs.

With winter just couple of days ahead, Subaru brings in the real winter driving challenge and offers a unique opportunity to some of the bloggers with training and guidance from professional driving instructors. Subaru provided the Legacy AWD vehicle to few of the bloggers who had already driven various other vehicles at this snowy track and then feel the difference in driving a Subaru vehicle over these snowy tracks over other vehicles.

We, provide you an opportunity to have the first hand experience through a Video shot of these bloggers and their views - how safe they felt while driving the vehicle and how much do they recommend this for the Winter Drive. Watch out the Video below


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