Friday, 1 February 2013

Renault Duster is now the Official Patrol car in Brazil

Renault's Duster, an official hit model in India has now been officially a Patroling vehicle in Brazil. The Duster, has been a talk of town since last couple of months and the model in India specifically sold 25,000 units since time launched o 04th July 2012.

We have even seen lot of Duster modifications since the time of its launch and even the rumors of new updated Duster D Cross concept to be unveiled in 2014 to give Ford's EcoSport a run for its life. But, not to comment further on these two, and wait 'n' watch strategy to be applied for this one as the American carmaker has now taken too long to launch the car and we are sure something great is going to come in next few days and hope the wait is worth it. Fingers crossed !

The Patroling Duster news comes from Brazil, the city of ParanĂ¡ to be specific. The military police of the city have just gotten their keys to 670 Dusters (and 150 Fluences as well) which will be used for patrolling and other policing activities.

The Dusters sport the livery of the local ParanĂ¡ city police and come equipped with a mobile antenna, sirens and even a special lighting system with the beacon’s in addition to a few features such as the power steering, front power windows, driver seat adjustment, AC and airbags.

This is something similar to what we saw for Mahindra's Scorpio in Sri Lanka and now for Renault's Duster in Brazil.


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