Thursday, 7 February 2013

Is this the New Nissan Duster to be launched in November 2013 ?

Nissan's Duster based SUV is now confirmed for its launch by end of the year 2013. We have constantly been showing you the images that we have been hitting on the web or through our sources.

The recent images that we have come across - does not seems to be finalized images from Nissan but for sure looks as if Nissan is working on some thing and this could be in works design.  Also, it could be corelated with fact that Nissan's top official told us while an interview that the front fascia would not resemble Renault Duster and would be entirely different.

Nissan's mini SUV has been decided for a launch by end of 2013 and the company would for sure like to capitalize upon the festival sector. It is also said that bumper, headlights, grill and front fenders would be completely redesigned.

Redesigning the Renault Duster also makes sense as bringing the Nissan's exisiting SUV - Juke which is currently selling good in Europe would be too expensive and redesigning a new product would take 4 years to build. Thereby, also looking at capacity vacant at their Chennai plant - redesigning the Renault Duster would be a good option.

Expect Nissan's Duster to be apprx 50K bucks cheaper than Renault's Duster. 


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