Monday, 25 February 2013

Here is a RTO registered version of Mahindra's Reva E2O Electric car - Launch anytime soon

As we briefed you earlier, Mahindra's upcoming electric car would be called E2O (E-two-oh) - sounds similar to two molecules of "E" (Electric) and one molecule of "O" (Oxygen), is now officially caught with Bangalore registered number. The Electric car from Mahindra will be powered by a 29KW(39.4bhp) electric motor and will use 48-volt compact lithium ion batteries. The expected price of this car should be some where around Rs 5.5 Lac.

The car could be launched any time soon, as also tweeted by Mr Anand Mahindra, a couple of days ago. The E2O will also be the first Mahindra to come out of the recently inaugurated green plant at Bangalore. Pawan Goenka, president of the automotive division, said that investing in an electric car project makes financial sense. Manufacturing an electric vehicle is cheaper than making cars with internal combustion engines and the cost of building a plant with an annual capacity of 6,000 units is not as high as that of a conventional vehicles facility. M&M has invested Rs 2,500 crore in the electric vehicle plant so far.

Mahindra's Reva E2O would be placed above its Reva-i due to its bigger size primarily and better performace ofcourse. The E2O also comes with lithium ion batteries that give this hatchback a range of 100 kilometers per full charge. The car’s top speed, at 103 Kph, is higher than that of the Reva-i. The car could be launched targeting the city hatchback lovers.

Stay tuned for an official update on the launch date of Mahindra's Reva E2O.


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