Thursday, 21 February 2013

Ford EcoSport Vs Renault Duster in pics again

As we have been bringing you a lot of news about the next big upcoming launch - Ford's EcoSport in India, we are also bringing you comparison between the Renault's Duster and Ford's upcoming EcoSport.

Just a couple of hours before, we told you that Ford is working on a low introductory price of petrol variant of EcoSport and by heavy localization plans to launch it in 5 Lac bracket, we are here again with more images of comparison between Renault Duster and Ford EcoSport, compared side by side so that you could compare which one suits your personality the best. The two beasts are placed adjacent in the images.

You could have a glance at the Images, could also read our detailed views on two cars and thereby decide whether to wait for Ford's Upcoming EcoSport to go for Renault's Duster now. Do shoot us a query in case you need any more information about the two cars.

More Images of the two cars could be viewed here.


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