Friday, 1 February 2013

Car buying decision and Ownership experience - The sleek Hyundai Verna

I have wanted to upgrade my car for a while now. I have owned one for quite a while, and decided that a
change of vehicle is long overdue. I was looking for something that would be sleek and well-shaped, but
at the same time something powerful, that would give me the speeds-- I needed when I needed them!
Also, I had a certain price range in mind. I wanted something that would be between six and eight lakhs
on road. Then there began a long and difficult search that culminated in my getting hold of the Hyundai

Initially I must say Hyundai did not even strike me. I have always had a soft corner for Japanese cars, and
I also wanted to give General Motors a shot. So I decided to try both out. First I tried the Ford Fiesta.
The only problem I found with that hatchback is that it was rather cramped in front, and the steering felt
a little unresponsive. Besides, I’ve noticed ever so many Fiestas on the road; I wanted something that
would be at least a little different.

So then I tried the Aveo. Honestly, I felt like Chevrolet had disappointed me. I have driven the Cruze
before and the vehicle handled extremely well. The interiors were great and the car per se was a
pleasure to drive. However the Aveo, though it looks nice from the outside, didn’t have a great interior
feel at all. Even the finish on the door handle was shaking when I tested it. Once I figured the interiors
were not great, the car sort of lost its charm in my eyes. So then after all this testing and experimenting,
I came upon the Hyundai Verna, and decided to give it a shot.

I must say, as far as looks are concerned the Verna is a great choice. It has an amazingly streamlined
contour when you look at it from the side, and the headlights give it a nice feel from the front. The
Verna Xi and XXi have a nice wood finish that makes the interiors pleasant. The thing that I found most
endearing was that there was so much leg room for the back seat passengers. The diesel version handles
beautifully, but was rather beyond my resources. The petrol engine was pretty silent though, and the air
conditioning was refined and was quite effective with five people in the car. The Verna Xxi has a lot of
good features for the price it’s being sold at, on road.

Hyundai Verna has quite a few added features, like they have height adjustable seat belts, and height
adjustable seats. The music system in the Xxi is quite powerful, and the sound quality is good. There are
added features like automatic climate control, electrically adjustable RVM and good alloy wheels. The
Verna handles really well, and the drive and gear transmission is smooth. It is reasonably priced, the Xi
costs 7.35 lakhs and the Xxi costs 8 lakhs.


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