Saturday, 19 January 2013

Top Gear season 19 teaser video & episode 1 details revealed

Top Gear has now revealed the teaser video of their season 19 episode which is now just a week ahead.

In the first episode, Jeremy will revisit his Peel P50 and will try to rebuilt an even smaller car and then taking it to the streets of London and testing it out and gauge its feedback in front of the Dragons from the TV show Dragon’s Den.

Meanwhile James takes the new Bentley Continental GT Speed out on a British rally stage, whilst we see Richard playing with the brand new Pagani Huayra and takes it on track at Dunsfold. We will have to wait and watch that is Huayra as quick as Zonda and will it be loved as much as previous Pagani.

We will have to stick to television sets to watch the first episode of season 19 of Top Gear on 27th January. But till then, donot forget to have a look at teaser below and keep the adrenaline rush going. Here you go !


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