Thursday, 3 January 2013

Shocker of the Day - Tata Motors working on Nano sedan ?

It might come as a shocking news of the day to you as it did for us, that Tata Motors is working on a sedan version of Tata Nano small car. The world's cheapest car is known to be worked out in the best possible manner but including a boot to it will work out ?

However, if the reports at Hindustan Times are to be believed, they carry a quote, citing the source as a vendor with - "They (Tata) also hinted that there could be a version of the car with a boot as well. All this will surely entail an increase in the price, as Tata does not want it to be seen as a cheap car anymore"

However, our sources have revealed that Tata Motors is working on a openable version and more practical boot of Nano wherein passengers would be able to place more luggage in their car. Since, Tata Motors belived that lack of practical space was one of the reason why the small car was not able to generate huge volumes.

Tata Motors is also believed to be working upon a 996 cc petrol engine which will make it more stronger than its competition, Alto 800 and  Eon. You must be now thinking that how will Tata Motors manage to then make it the cheapest car. Tata Motors now clears that we want to change the perception of consumers of Nano being the cheapest car and thus could enable it with more features and thus making it more practical.

Meanwhile, diesel and CNG version of Nano are also being much talked about. Head here to read more. 

Source - Hindustan Times


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