Saturday, 19 January 2013

Official - Ford EcoSport reaches at dealers / showroom - Launch soon. Bookings open

As per our confirmed sources, Ford EcoSport has reached various dealerships / showrooms in India and as per the dealers, the launch is expected to happen sometime soon - might even happen January 2013 only.

As per the dealers, the carmaker is expected to launch this vehicle sometime soon however the deliveries will begin in end March / April 2013. The dealers have also started accepting the bookings of the vehicle by Rs 50,000 in advance which as per the dealers is completely refundable. Kindly excuse us for the quality of the Images since we were not allowed to take Images and we had to take it with some quickness & carefulness.

The car has been spotted testing around the country on numerous occasions. We have already filled our readers with scoops, images, videos and tit bits of information. 

Ford will be launching EcoSport with a Petrol as well as a Diesel variant in India with Petrol motor being a 1.0L Ecoboost petrol engine which is expected to produce 123 bhp and apprx 20 Kmpl of mileage and another 1.5L petrol engine. Ford EcoSport Diesel however will be powered by DV5 engine which is a 1.5L Diesel engine current powering the new Ford Fiesta. The one in display at showrooms is only a 1.0L Ecoboost Manual Transmission.

It has also come to us that, Ford would launch Automatic variant only in 1.5L Petrol engine and all other would be Manual Transmission. According to confirmed sources, the production of EcoSport would start at its Chennai plant in March 2013 only and not before that. The sources close to company also reveals that production of 1.5L DV5 Diesel engine would start only in April 2013 and therefore the deliveries of same would get stretched upto May 2013. Deliveries for Petrol models could start in April 2013.

The only key to its success now is a correct pricing and this is for sure to become a hit and might change fortunes of Ford in India as the Duster did for Renault. 

An automatic variant of this Compact SUV is also expected to be launched in India however the confirmation on this might come on the day of launch. This is true that the carmaker has been testing Automatic variant (see spy shots here) however whether it is only for Brazil or for India too this yet remains a suspense.

Stay tuned for more information on EcoSport while we now get on to more work on collecting the details of vehicle. Click here to compare Renault Duster Vs Ford EcoSport !

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Our Opinion : The first look of the car would make you feel that the wait was worthwhile for the Compact SUV. The Compact SUV when seen from the sides looks does not looks as big as the Renault Duster however when seen from rear and front gives an SUV feel. The front bonnut, grill and especially the ground clearance make you feel like a big SUV. The variant spotted was an EcoBoost Titanium model however, no parking sensors were spotted at the rear and hence a possibility of launching an optional - top end variant (similar to what Renault did for Duster)

On the rear, if you would look at the right tail light, some would notice the silver colored hook facilitating the opening of door however our eyes went upon the huge panel gap - the same could be seen in picture above. Other thing noticed was panel gap on left side was slightly lesser than right side, but still looked to be on higher side. No major clearances / panel gaps were seen elsewhere. The other vehicle was also looked for same and was similar clearance on right side however lesser clearance on left side.

On the interiors, the upper part of dashboard including center console looked similar to Ford Fiesta with only differences being -
  • Butterfly shaped side vents - which were circular in Fiesta. Needless to say, Butterfly ones in EcoSport looked more upmarket and modern. 
  • On the downward side of center console, the space between the gearbox and dashboard was spotted with shiny black color plastic (appeared to be plastic from outside) and had a "Sync" logo embossed. The space also included charging and USB spots as seen in Fiesta.
  • Needless to say, the boot space is much lesser than Renault's Duster but far higher than other hatchbacks. The expectation of jump seats could also be ruled out looking at boot space.
Stay tuned till the time we get our hands on steering wheel and officially get allowed inside the car and could feel the plastic, seats etc. The car should be placed 30K-40K lesser than Renault's Duster in order to make a dent in the Duster's sale. If priced at par with Duster, would still attract lot of customers, however it appears that Ford should place this vehicle 30-40K below the Duster and would change fortunes of Ford in India.


Thanks for the scoop team. Could you let us know which location was this dealer stock spotted? Trying to gather info from the dealer in my native, they say NO NEWS on it.

which showroom did u spot ford ecosport?

This was in Delhi region.

which showroom in delhi? want to have a look at the car

This is false news and have confirmed with Ford office in chennai. The vehicles are still under testing. Please do not post wrong information.

i called up a few showrooms in delhi - they denied about the news. could you be more specific and let us know which dealership was this pic captured at?

The pics were captured at leading showroom in Delhi. However, as conveyed to us by the dealer, officially the Car is not available to be seen by public till the launch takes place.

The launch might happen soon however, there has been no confirmation on same by dealer also. We will update you guys asap we get any further information.

I went for a test drive of Ford Fiesta at Harpreet Ford Gurgaon and spotted 2 Ecosports(covered) but was not allowed to click the photos.

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