Saturday, 19 January 2013

Maruti Suzuki Ertiga gets rebadged as Mazda VX-1 in Indonesia

Another example of Badge engineering is here. The concept is spreading its wings from automakers to models to countries and to the whole world.

We once reported, that Maruti Suzuki and Mazda have entered into "some" sort of collaboration and hence we could see another variant from Mazda which would be launched in India and would be placed above Maruti Suzuki Ertiga and would then compete with other more luxurious compact crossovers prevelant in the market. View here the complete Images and details here of Mazda CX-5 testing in Gurgaon, India.

The rumor would further get strengthened upon when we see that Maruti Suzuki's Ertiga getting rebadged as Mazda VX-1 in Indonesia and here is the answer to that "some" sort of collaboration between the two Japanese automakers. The two automakers would rebadge their vehicles in various markets depending on their strengths and brand recall in respective country. As per this, in Indonesia, Mazda would rebadge Ertiga as Mazda VX-1 and it could be a possibility that Maruti Suzuki could rebadge Mazda's CX-5 Crossover in India under its own brand name. This could possibly be the reason why the badges were removed from Mazda's crossover (See here closely again)

The sole reason for this could be if Mazda alone would come as a brand and launch vehicles would not guarantee the sales of this crossover due to feasibility and even doubt on whether mass market would recognize this product  - majorly due to low brand recall / image of Mazda in India. However, if the vehicle (which was undoubtedly of superior quality from inside and should be launched in competition to XUV 5OO and Safari Storme) could get rebadged under Maruti Suzuki's brand name and then be launched, there is a high amount of probability that Maruti Suzuki's showrooms would not even get space to stand, leave apart sitting. The simple reason for this is when Renault's Duster and Mahindra's XUV 5OO could create huge crowds at their showrooms, god knows what a scene at Maruti Suzuki's showroom would it be, which is already crowded most of time of year due to huge demand of many of its vehicles.

Now coming back to Maruti Suzuki Ertiga or Mazda's VX-1, the car would be assembled at Mazda's Indonesia plant and the CKD kits for this one would be exported out of Maruti Suzuki Manesar plant.  This should also be noted that this is not the first Mazda badged as a Suzuki. The Mazda Carol kei car in Japan is a rebadged JDM Suzuki Alto.  Seems like Maruti Suzuki has a lot to say, though quietly to all its competitors who have slowly grabbed a pie of their market share over a period of time.


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