Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Locally produced Fiat Punto Abarth coming this year in 2013

Fiat India plans to launch its performance brand Abarth here in India in the year 2013. The company plans to locally produce the Abarth version of Punto here in India and thereby plans to launch it in price below Rs 10 Lac in India. The car would be powered by 1.4L T-Jet engine and would deliver 165 bhp of power in India.

The currently available versions of Punto deliver powers of 67 bhp (petrol engine), 75 bhp (diesel engine), 89 bhp (diesel engine). The newly variant of Punto Abarth could deliver almost double the power to 165 bhp. The carmaker is likely to start with stiffening the chassis and carry on with using stiffer spring and sportier dampers, which would improve grip. Thicker anti-roll bars are expected to improve handling, while some extra stopping power is likely to be added with upgraded brakes. The car could also be the only four-door Abarth version of the Grande Punto as currently, there are no two-door versions on sale here - two door versions only used for images here.

The cars will most likely be sold out of 'Abarth Studios' within existing Fiat dealers, but Fiat hasn't ruled out the possibility of having exclusive Abarth dealers either. Stay tuned for more information and head here for detailed year wise launched in India from Fiat.  


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