Friday, 11 January 2013

Live traffic Updates now available on Google maps

Earlier we told you about several inventions like Tata's car running on air, Google's car that runs on itself or even Ford's Traffic Jam assist, which would serve as a great alternatives for us to get out of this huge traffic jams everyday. However the only problem with these options are that these are far off from the real.

Now, here we come across something real, immediate and available across easily. You could just log in to Google Maps through your regular computer or phone and you could get real time updates on traffic situation near your place or the route which you intend to take while you drive.

Now, for example if you are going from place A to place B everyday in the morning - say to your office route. You know there are two routes to go to this place and are generally undecided which one to take since on few days one of the route has heavy traffic and on other days the other route has heavy traffic. Now, you could just simply log into the google maps and enter your destination and check the Live traffic status. You would get four color of roads - Green, Yellow, Red and Red alongwith Black dots. Green would have the fastest moving traffic and Red with Black dots with the slowest moving traffic.

How to activate the free service -

Computer - On the right top of Google maps, enable the Traffic column just below the Satellite option.
Mobile -  While you are already on Google maps, go to Menu and select Show Traffic.

Just try the Live Traffic Update from Google maps and let us know how beneficial was this to you. 


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