Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Come 2015, You could use your Smartphone instead of Key to open your Car using Hyundai's NFC technology

Hyundai has been agressive on launching the segment first features in its cars. May it be driver side airbag in Hyundai Eon, the first being in the small car, or i20 with list if features like rain sensing wipers, automatic ORVM's, reverse side camera etc.. Come 2015, Hyundai is planning to launch NFC (Near Field Communication) technology which will work with the smartphone equipped with this technology.

Using this technology, you could use your smartphone instead of your conventional key to open the car. Many cars in Hyundai’s current range uses key fobs with embedded RFID chips. These RFID chips allow the Hyundai cars to be unlocked when the key fob comes in proximity to the car. Placing this key fob in a specific holder inside the car allows the car to be started with the push button. This key less entry feature is now offered on a range of cars across brands.

However, the latest NFC technology is better and more advanced than RFID as this enables two way communication of data while RFID technology makes do with one way data communication. NFC technology uses stickers that will be stuck onto smartphones.

The NFC sticker on your smartphone will communicate with the chip embedded in the handle of your car or nearby and by communication of two ways of data, the car's lock could be opened. In due course of time, NFC equipped smartphones could make the car key redundant. Stay tuned for more information at this space.


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