Wednesday, 9 January 2013

BMW, Audi and Mercedes sales in 2012

The Luxury car market in India showed a growth of close to 15% in India in 2012. Mercedes Benz, BMW and Audi posted their number of cars sold in year 2012 and though BMW again emerged out to be the leader in its cars sales in India beating Audi by just 372 units but if we compared percentage wise growths - Audi grew by whooping 63% whereas BMW grew by just 4 units (0.04%) and Mercedes declined by apprx. 4%

BMW toppled Mercedes Benz in India in 2009 and since then continuosly till 2012, BMW has emerged out to be a winner but seems like this was the last year for the BMW group. The way Audi has been expanding in terms of its networks, new model launches, attractive schemes etc they will just cross Audi next year itself. BMW will soon have to look for changes in its strategy. Stay tuned for more updates on interesting Luxury car maket in India.


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