Friday, 4 January 2013

Anyone here for a Delhi to Bangkok Road trip via Nepal, China and Tibet?

Here's an exciting option of a self driving road trip experience from Delhi to Bangkok via China, Nepal and Tibet starting this June 2013. The initiative is by Tushar Agarwal - who has been cited by the Limca Book of Records for driving from London to Delhi through 15 countries in 51 days - and Sanjay Madan, another travel enthusiast via their three month old travel company.

You are provided with a car along with the tour guides. The cars are equipped with GPS (Global Positioning system), Oxygen cylinders, medical kits and emergency food hampers.

"We have got a great response ever since we started this venture. What sets us apart from the travel agents is that we have actually visited those places and can advise you on the little-known eating joints or places to see, and in case you get stuck midway in a self-drive expedition, we can actually guide you through the journey over the phone because we have been through all those roads," Agarwal told.

"If one does not want to drive around, you can opt for a chauffeured car. The other option is a fixed departure, when an expedition is organised with us, and we have the itinerary drawn up - which is flexible - and one can join us," Agarwal said.

The trip to Bangkok is a fixed departure one, albeit a self-drive tour.

The 25-day, 7,000 km expedition which will be open to not more than 15-20 people, will take one through the majestic Kathmandu in Nepal to the Everest base camp, all the way to Lhasa in Tibet and then driving past one of the deepest gorges in the world in China. The journey, which in its itinerary has also a jungle safari thrown in, will then continue to Laos, and finally to Bangkok.

Another expedition that happended to Rann of Kutch in November. This one was open for self-drive, although there was be a support vehicle, guiding the visitors through the salt deserts on a full moon night, a wildlife sanctuary, the Mandvi beach and a handicraft village.

The cost for a six-day trip for one was Rs.30,000, including food, accommodation, sightseeing et al in an adventurous-cum-luxurious holiday itinerary. This however did not included travel to and from Bhuj.

Source - TimesofIndia


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