Tuesday, 15 January 2013

2013 Renault Captur Crossover revealed

The production version of the 2013 Renault Captur has been fully revealed and is scheduled to make its official debut at the 2013 Geneva Motor Show in March . The car would be called as Captur and would be sized beteween Clio and Megane.

Based on the fourth-generation Clio, the new Captur compact crossover will be powered by several engine options with CO2 emissions of just 96 g/km. Renault's further two toned color scheme of exteriors rather looks bold with roof having white color and is different from the overall color of the body of car.

Renault says the 1300kg two-seater is a crossover between a coupe, a convertible, an urban vehicle and an off-roader. It has a removable hard convertible top that exposes the Captur’s carbonfibre framework when removed.

It sports large 22-inch alloys with a look similar to those on the DeZir, while other exterior styling features include LED lights, matt-finish wings, and distinctive orange paintwork. The concept’s exterior designer Julio Lozano said a sprinter in a styling block with their muscles tensed inspires its exterior looks.

The orange theme continues in the interior. It also features florescent highlights and a translucent finish for the centre console, dashboard and door casings. The carbon bucket seats and steering wheel are trimmed in grey leather.

Renault could well launch the car in Asian markets especially in India, at a time when the crossovers are being given a lot of importance. Renault could launch this size of car in India with little modifications. We could very well sense that if launched in Indian market with a size less than 4 metres, Renault could place this car below Duster and let it compete with Ford EcoSport.

Renault could thus even hike the prices of Duster by an inch, thereby ensuring that it does not canabalize its own market and at same time also earns a descent profit on both the cars.

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